At Magfern Recycling, our muck shifting service helps our clients to organise the removal and disposal of surplus excavated materials. Whether inert or contaminated, we have a range of tippers available for virtually any volume of materials.

Inert Muck

Inert Muck refers to that which has not undergone any significant chemical, biological or physical transformations. As well, inert muck is that which is unlikely to have an adverse effect on other matter it may come into contact with. Types of inert muck include brick, subsoil, concrete and hard-core. We can also test waste with the purpose of defining it as inert.

Hazardous Muck

Hazardous Muck is defined as that which contains potentially-harmful properties which may threaten the environment or human health. Whether it’s muck from a petrol station or other material that’s been exposed to other hazardous waste, we can segregate and transfer it according to Environmental Association standards.

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Our aim is to apply our environmentally safe solutions to contaminated sites and turn them around within a 48 hour period. We are more than happy to work independently or with any specialists or consultants you may currently be dealing with. We welcome your enquiry; contact us on 01332 365 544, or visit our contact page for more options.