Our Mission Statement

Magfern Recycling is mindful of the impact any industrial process can have on the environment, and view our involvement in the waste management industry as an opportunity to be proactive in Environmental issues wherever possible.

Magfern Recycling is fully committed to our responsibilities within the industry whilst enjoying full compliance with existing government legislation. We continue to realise the importance of our obligations and embrace our duty to protect and cherish natural resources for the benefit of our employees and customers, the environment and future generations.

Our Customers

Magfern Recycling will continue to forge partnerships with our customers and promote best practice procedures wherever possible to achieve maximum mutual benefit.

Our Services

We provide a professional skip hire and collection service to both private and business customers, and we recycle industrial waste products into aggregates and card boards for sale at home and abroad

Environmental Responsibility

Every business has a part to play in creating a sustainable environment for our own and future generations. We work with leading waste management companies such as Biffa and Sims Metal, as well as a number of local authorities, to reduce waste and increase the market for recycled materials. C

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