Much of collected waste contains recyclable materials. Our waste management solutions include recycling, or the recovering and reprocessing of waste material with the purpose of creating useful products.

Our Magfern recycling operations have one aim: to divert 100% of the waste we collect from landfill. Currently, we recycle as much of the material we receive as possible. Our investment into the most current technology and equipment ensures not only the most efficient collection and processing, but also a recycling process that’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our Process

Our process is multi-step, beginning with the transport of waste to our facility. There, it is separated and then picked before being sorted, baled and stored. The stored baled materials are then sold to companies wishing to manufacture new products from them.

Recycled Materials

We recycle plastics, metal, wood and cardboard, as well as hazardous and confidential waste. We are available to collect waste from your facility, or you can deliver waste to us.

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We can handle all of your recycling needs, contact us today to find out more. We are available by phone on 01332 365 544. You can also reach one of our waste management experts by getting in touch via email from our contact page.