At Magfern Recycling, we offer baling as one of our core services. We not only source, but also consolidate and bale cardboard and paper from many businesses. This allows the large amounts of waste generated by industry to be redirected and reused for new materials, thereby avoiding the landfill altogether. It can also serve as an added income stream for your business, depending on the amount you generate.

What can we bail?

Paper Waste

We accept a wide variety of paper and cardboard for recycling, including newspapers, mechanical, scan board, cardboard, sorted office wastes and OCC.

Plastic Waste

Some of the plastics we accept include polypropylene and high density polyethylene. These plastics are used in the manufacture of bottles, piping, food containers, bottle crates and automotive parts.

Metal Waste

The metal that we accept for recycling is segregated with the use of magnets before being shipped. Some of the items that can be created include aluminium cans and filing cabinets, building materials and tools, and even jewellery and furniture.

Wood Waste

We also accept wood into our site for recycling. The wood we recycle can be reused as bedding for horses, poultry or cattle. It can also be used in the form of wood chips for fuel, made into pallets and used for packaging and equestrian services.

FREE Waste Audits

If you need your waste collected from a larger site, we will visit your site and conduct a waste audit at no charge. The audit involves a review of your requirements for recycling. Following that, a custom recycling solution is tailored for your unique needs. In having us audit your site, you can turn your waste into valuable revenue, as well as know that the waste you’re generating will be reused.

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Our aim is to apply our environmentally safe solutions to contaminated sites and turn them around within a 48 hour period. We are more than happy to work independently or with any specialists or consultants you may currently be dealing with. We welcome your enquiry; contact us on 01332 365 544, or visit our contact page for more options.