Established over 25 years ago, Magfern Recycling is today one of the largest privately-owned waste management companies in the East Midlands.  As a third-generation company, we are blessed with a wealth of waste management experience and knowledge which can be used to the benefit of your own business function.

Magfern Recycling is mindful of the impact any industrial process can have on the environment, and view our involvement in the waste management industry as an opportunity to be proactive in green issues wherever and whenever possible.

As a responsible and reputable company, we conduct our business with honesty and integrity, and endeavour to offer a professional service to our valued customers.  We are here to help your company identify the changes necessary for legislation compliance, to improve waste management systems and to introduce recycling initiatives where possible for the benefit of all.

We recognise the importance of our obligations and embrace our duty to protect and cherish natural resources for the benefit of our customers, employees, the environment and future generations.